Research ideas

I started my Masters last semester with a Research Methodologies subject -specific to research in arts education. Loved it, loved it, loved it. For the assessment I had to complete a small research study, so I undertook that at the Language School, and did a detailed observation of the Middle Primary class, asking, “is there a difference in student engagement in music class, compared to other areas of learning?”

It was fascinating. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the students and the way they learn and engage, but following classes as an outsider revealed many new understandings for me.

This semester I needed to set up a Negotiated Study (Advanced Project Studies in the Arts) and to tell the truth I’ve been feeling pretty vague about it. Not sure where to start, aware of huge gaps in my knowledge, aware of the need also to start my Ethics application, which brings with it the need to know a bit more about the shape of my research design for my thesis… and on … and on…

But today I had an excellent meeting with my supervisor. Things are a lot clearer. I’m going to continue with the reading I am doing but also undertake an examination of where my music practice sits within the current thinking about multi-literacies.

So I shall continue reading “The Music and Literacy Connection” but also start looking at literacy through the arts, as well as broader definitions of “literacy”. Find out what I am already doing, how my approach to teaching coincides – or doesn’t – with these concepts.

I love being a student.


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