New enterprise needs a name

A clarinet-playing friend got in touch the other day to see if I wanted to join his newly-forming Clarinet Quartet.

Absolutely! What a nice way to kick off the spring!

We need a name. The two of us sent a relay of text messages with suggestions, including:

  • A Moment of Clarity
  • Chalameau Chums (though I don’t expect anyone out there who is not a clarinetist knows or cares what ‘chalameau’ refers to)
  • The Democratic Republic of Clarinets (‘democratic’ because we will swap parts, taking it in turns to play First/Second/Third Clarinet).
  • Licorice Sticks
  • Lickety Sticks (which started a flurry of ruder suggestions, much to my surprise)

The name-hunt is a work in progress. Suggestions invited…


3 comments so far

  1. Chris Ondaatje on

    Hello Musicworker, here are some more ideas:
    “Let the claret flow”
    “Sing heav’nly muse”(Milton)
    “Have no mistress but your muse” (Donne-mis quote).
    “All Australians would repudiate this disingenuous clarinet playing” (John Howard mis quote)
    “Clarinets sans frontiers”
    “Menage a quatro”

  2. Maria on

    I like Clarinets sans frontiers!!
    Or… “The Claire Annettes”

  3. musicwork on

    I think we should put the John Howard quote on our business cards. Excellent Ondaatje!

    ‘Lickity Sticks’ is still my favourite (I confess now, it was me). But apparently there is already a clarinet quartet in Melbourne with this name!! Who would have thought?

    ‘Marie-Claire Annettes’, anyone?

    ‘Three down, one on the floor’
    (oblique reference to the downward angle of the instrument and the fact that the bass clarry sits on the floor)

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