“Note to Self” – Day 2

Another full day on the project (from tomorrow until performance on Saturday we only have half-days) so am pretty knackered. Only good things to report though. The music group created some more material – music to accompany a theatrical game of ‘hide-and-seek’ using large 2D instrument cases, and music to accompany the special Bunraku puppet that is the ‘muse’ of the show. We explored ideas with a giant stave made from elastic, and random crotchets and quavers attached to rods that the ‘imp’ puppeteers moved around the stave.

We repeated some warm-up tasks from yesterday. One was the movement/teamwork task, in which a shape is called and the group must work together to create one large version of that shape, without speaking or giving instructions to each other. Today I could clearly see two contrasting responses. One was to be a leader, an instructor – these people pointed and gestured to others. Often they were right in their suggestions, having a good ‘bird’s eye’ sense of how the shape needed to look, but there was perhaps also an element of control here (probably never far away in leadership). The other extreme was the group of more passive people, who tended to just stand anywhere/somewhere and not move, and wait for others to either tell them what to do, or come to them.

Neither approach enables the task to be completed successfully. The secret is that each person must look, must observe the whole group, take time to work out their own position in relation to the whole group, respond to offers when they arise (and see them when they are made), and be ready to change as others change, or make offers when one is needed. A tricky balance, but when everyone is in this mode of thinking, magical, intuitive, connected responses start to emerge!


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