‘Note to Self’ – Day 3

Today was a half-day rehearsal with only the musicians in the Note to Self music & puppetry collaboration with children aged 9-12 years. It was a chance to review all the music we have written so far, and create one last piece of accompaniment.We also revisited an exploratory idea from yesterday and gave it more shape.

We have a lot of content from these two days of workshops – six pieces of very structured, arranged music, and a seventh piece that is quite a free improvisation, governed by some simple rules. There is in fact a lot to remember – for all of us!

We had to steam-roll through a bit today. Not quite enough time. TP was very active today, giving a lot of cues and feedback to the Ensemble. It was great to share the load in that way.

As their confidence grows, and they become more familiar with the process, the children get quicker and quicker at responding to ideas. They use their ears more, and start to pick out notes and riffs as they are suggested. Some are following every conversation that takes place, (even if it doesn’t involve them), and working out new riffs as they are created – just in case they will be called upon to play them.

I arrived at rehearsal with a very full head (I spent the morning drafting program notes for ‘Hunger’ so had not fully adjusted to the quick change of project), which got fuller as LL and I started a conversation about the Ensemble’s position in the space. I know there are reasons why it needs to be decided now, but part of me would like to get to that bit after we have had our rehearsal, so that I can let go of some of the music in my head to make space for information about stage moves. I really think multi-tasking is over-rated. It just causes great stress as your brain bounces about trying to keep everything on track.


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