School holidays now over…

Today was the last day of the September school holidays – though perhaps ‘holidays’ is a bit of a misnomer in my case. It’s been pretty busy – here are the stats of projects I’ve directed these last 2 weeks:

  • 2 days of music projects at ArtPlay,
  • improvisation workshop for AYO,
  • 3 Saturday rehearsals for Hunger (including one really intense, emotionally-fraught one that took a week to recover from),
  • 5-day creative development involving puppetry, visual theatre and music,
  • written out parts and made scores for Hunger.

Other activities include going to the Cat Empire/AYO concert, couple of dinners with friends, coffee with an admirer 😉 . Finally got some grocery shopping done, and other more mundane yet vital tasks.

Do things slow down now? Not on your life – we are now in production mode for Hunger. I have a couple of radio interviews coming up, and there are various fiddly things still to be confirmed or sured up. School starts next week, so I need to start re-allocating brain space again towards the Language School work. And after our final performance of Hunger on October 24, I get one full day of rest before going into the Musicircus project. After that I am back on another AYO project, this time working with the Sartori Quartet during their residency at the Murray Conservatorium.

It’s a good thing I love my work – it certainly occupies a big part of my life at the moment! And it is of course good to be busy – as a freelance artist I can’t always control the way different projects get scheduled and it is not unusual for them to pile up like this in certain months of the year, and it is a wonderful thing to be in demand and have projectsone has nurtured for months or even years come to fruition. But I am pretty sure I will collapse in every way the moment I get on that plane to Paris at the end of November!

(But what a nice way to collapse!)


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