Wanna hear about my trip??

Here are my travel plans – about 12 months in the anticipating and now just a week away:

  • 2 weeks in Paris with old friend CP (ex Mozart Academy, Poland)
  • 8 days in Armenia, with CP, where we meet with 2 other old friends from Poland days. We will play some music together and do a concert. I’ll post a link to the details of that when one gets published.
  • 10 days or so in Bosnia, starting with Christmas in Sarajevo, then moving onto Mostar. I’m travelling with my friend KB who I met when I lived in Mostar for ten months in 1998, and who now ordinarily lives in Sydney, and for the moment lives in London. KB is one of my dearest friends and it will be a joy to spend Christmas with him and his family, and to revisit people and places that I haven’t seen since I left nine years ago.
  • Somewhere on the Croatian coast I’ll meet with another friend SB, who is making his way down the coast from Slovenia. We will head into Montenegro and explore the coastline there.
  • Travel by boat across to Bari (maybe from Dubrovnik, more likely from Bar in Montenegro. Bar to Bari – has a sense of poetry about it).
  • Explore southern Italy for a further ten days to two weeks, gradually making my way up to Rome, from where I shall fly back to Melbourne.

I have a full supply of thin, thermal layers. I have a gorgeous winter coat by Elkha. I suspect my winter boots might not be up to the kind of winter conditions I will meet in Armenia… (sigh)… guess that means I’ll have to buy some in Paris as Melbourne is now in the throes of summer – not a winter boot in sight here.  I’ll be blogging intermittently while I’m away. Travel is very off-topic for this blog, but I’ll be back on the regular themes by the end of January.


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