Mount Ararat

The Armenians are deeply connected to their land and history, and learning more about this has been fascinating. Mount Ararat can be seen from Yerevan, and it is a symbol for Armenians of their land and history.

Ararat is where Noah’s Ark landed, and from his family, all the people of the world can be traced. After our concert on Tuesday night, Anna’s friend Lilit, who generously gave up her Saturday to take us to Geghard Monastery and Garni, hugged me and said that, as all people of the world are connected back to Noah, then all people are also connected to Armenia. Therefore we are all a little bit Armenian.

Geghard Monastery, hidden and sheltered:


Here is CP’s beautiful photo of Ararat, seemingly floating in a sea of fluffy clouds.


And a view of the entrance dome of the church at Echmiadzinb, the Holy See of the Armenian Church:

Echmiadzin dome


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