And then there was one…

Today I farewelled SB who heads back to glamourous Nottingham to preside over a philosophy conference. We spent the day wandering the streets of Pisa further, enjoying the crazy sunshine – they call this winter?? It is so warm! Very lovely.

We were bad tourists today however. Got to the Duomo (where you find the Duomo, the Baptistry, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa) site, just in time to see the doors closing for lunch break. Would you believe there was not one sign that we found, pointing towards the Leaning Tower? We were wandering around blithely without a map between us, and figured it would not be so hard to find it, and indeed it wasn’t. It was just further away than we had expected, and we were starting to wander if we had overshot somehow, and if the Tower was in fact shorter than we expected, hence not being able to see it over the tops of the buildings.

Then, after seeing him off on the Nottingham flight, I returned to the Duomo (quite a distance – luckily my pulled calf muscle is a lot better today), hoping to get in with the last entry of the day. But no, I got there 15 minutes too late. I will try again tomorrow morning, but really, I think my tourist efforts today were a bit disappointing.  Nul points per me.

Pisa is indeed pretty, and chilled. It is a stylish city. (Naples was a big surprise, actually, in how unstylish the general population appeared. People-watching in Naples took on a whole new dimension to what people-watching in Itay normally has). Pisa is also a university city, and getting around by bicycle seems to be far more de rigeur than by vespa, which is a welcome change.

So, I have three more days. What will I do, where will I go? I confess, Rome feels kind of overwhelming to me at the moment. I am more attracted to smaller places. I know Rome, have been there before as a tourist… At this stage my plan is to go to Lucca for the day tomorrow, then to Florence after that to meet with old friend Marco, and travel to Rome just in time to get my plane. Lucca sounds pretty. Apparently there is a place where you can hire bicycles for the day, and that bike is a good way to explore the city. That sounds fun, indeed.


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