Getting back into the swing of things here. I have a few projects in my head now:

  • Upcoming 2-day course for teachers that I am co-leading for the Song Room with Sarah Young, drama and story specialist, who is also an early years specialist. Two days of creative work and music.  Today we had a planning session and brainstorm, and left feeling very energised and buzzy about our ideas.
  • Prison project. In about a month, we will finally start the Orchestra’s composition project with prisoners in one of Melbourne’s prisons. This project has been in the planning for more than two years. It is a real ‘first’ for the Orchestra. At the moment I am putting together a CD of reference music for the musicians and I, to give some ideas about the kinds of things we might create. There is a whole range of stuff on it, from Topology (Brisbane-based ensemble, very interesting), Steve Reich, Jacques Brel, Komitas (Armenian composer). I am yet to start planning the workshop sessions, but building up a picture in my head.
  • Language School 08 – I am meeting with the teachers tomorrow to talk through ideas. One thought I have had is to continue with the project I started last year, building music pieces from text. But I am also keen to sit down with the teachers, look through the full range of previous projects, and get their thoughts on what the strongest ones were.
  • Performing – my performing ambitions are to the fore once more. I have some Brel songs I want to learn (in French), and some Bosnian sevdah (in Bosnian). There is also a song by the Modena City Ramblers (Irish music in style, but sung in Italian – crazy!) that I think will work well. I want to figure out accompaniments that I could play on the accordion. They will have to be easy, because I can’t really play accordion. But I want to sing the songs.
  • Plus, I am now in Masters-land again. Need to put my Ethics application in asap. Which means defining my research question and how I will approach it. More on that later, as a separate post.

So, finally, this blog is Back On-Topic. Thanks to all those who stayed with me through the travel.


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  1. will on

    hello, I’m a musician and artist that is moving to Melbourne mid-March. I was searching online for potential work but stumbled across your very interesting blog. Back in the UK I used to lead some music projects in Winchester Prison. Is there any chance I would be able to get involved with your prison orchestra project?
    Eiher way I look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. musicwork on

    Hi Will, we will be halfway through by mid-march, but do get in touch when you arrive, hopefully we can work something out. G

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