It’s hard to lose things…

“It’s hard to lose things” is one of my little mantras. CP found it increasingly annoying in Paris, as he feels it is in fact easy to lose things, in his life. But you see, I live in a small apartment, and the only way all my things fit is if they go in the right place, from the start. Which gets me into good habits of putting things away.

Therefore, if something is missing, it must be somewhere, and there will be a limited number of places it will be.

However… maybe I will need to re-think my mantra as tonight I lost my keys. I was at an outdoor concert. Before going into the concert I was sitting on the grass under a tree in the King’s Domain gardens. I didn’t notice the keys were missing until I got home (fortunately my neighbours have a spare set). I can’t call the concert venue – no direct phone number.

All very annoying and I am quite cross with myself. I shall head back there first thing in the morning in order to check the grass where I was sitting. I am hopeful that some kind considerate person (it was that kind of concert) may have found them and handed them in to Lost Property, or left them on a post or bollard or step nearby for me to find.

Or maybe they are near the seats where I was sitting for the concert.

I am mentally tracking through all the keys that are on that bunch. Keys for various doors in the various workplaces I have. Car keys (2) plus key for the steering wheel lock (currently on).  Key for Mum and Dad’s house. My own house keys. Letterbox key. Laundry key. My swimming pool membership tag.


The concert was great, by the way. More of the Cat Empire. What a shame this is the end of the evening!


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