Masters Research

My second Human Ethics application (to the Education Department) is IN, as of two days ago. This is a Big Relief. And, hot news straight off the press, my University Ethics application has been approved through to the final stage. I think this means no more amendments are required. Phew!

Today I was at the University, teaching my two classes. In between I hooked up to the University Wireless network (sounds easy, but always requires assistance from the helpful Ed-IT fellows), and downloaded EndNote software, which will help me keep track of my reading. I haven’t heard anyone say a bad word about EndNote – in fact, you only hear people rave about it. I figured I had better get myself set up with it.

Reading this week…

Buoyed by this affirmative activity, I hit the library (currently a minor disaster of ongoing renovations and steep stairways to the collections). This week I have decided to focus on reading all I can about Innovative Techniques for interviewing children (especially those who have English as a Second Language, so may require the assistance of an interpreter). I have ideas for eliciting responses using images and video footage to stimulate dialogue and reactions, but want to read what the experts have to say.

Calming water (Neretva River in Mostar BiH):

Neretva River, Mostar, BiH, Dec 07


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