I am in Bologna…

…for the International Society of Music Educators (ISME) conference. It is sunny, beautiful, and filled with charm, and now that my responsibilities towards the running of last week’s Policy Commission meeting have been somewhat discharged, I am looking forward to sitting back and letting all the interesting conference events wash over me.

Last week’s Policy Commission was interesting. It isn’t the kind of Commission I would automatically expect to be part of, as so much of my work is more concerned with hands-on, practical making of music and projects, rather than big-picture policy. However, there was much to chew on. The Commission theme was on local and indigenous musics in music education policy, and it was fascinating to start to build a comparison of what takes place in different parts of the world.

I also celebrated my birthday last week, walking over an hour to get to a recommended osteria that turned out to be closed for the summer. Never mind, you can’t have a bad meal in Bologna and we chose somewhere else instead.

Then, the next day, I flew to London for a job interview. This was something that ended up coinciding with my time in Italy, quite by luck and chance. How did it go? Well, it was certainly a valuable learning experience. I’m not sure it was particularly enjoyable. It was interesting to do the second interview in person, as the first one had been on the phone. I didn’t get offered the job. So I am still looking for new directions, and hopefully this conference will offer some opportunities to pick the brains of others older and wiser than me, and maybe also build up my networks in different countries. Maybe I should be looking to the States, rather than the UK?

Lots of think about, and what an inspiring environment to do that in! Here are some photos:

A streetscape in the centre of Bologna. I keep photographing this street – its width and gradient, and the buildings that line it, give it a tremendous sense of grand scale.

This is the cafe where Pip and I had a drink to celebrate my birthday.

This is from the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna (about an hour and half by trin from Bologna). Ravenna is such a delight – its churches filled with breathtaking mosaics of the most awe-inspiring detail and artistry.


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