So what else is going on?

Do I do anything apart from work? You might not think so, reading this blog. But I do other things too, even if it is often work-related…

Like today, I was oh-so-happy to speak briefly with the wonderful Mr Franzke, currently in Tassie writing mad music for theatre including slapping the Neighbours theme into a piece of dance music that will be performed in a cul-de-sac. We talked about the CD cover art and credits for the prison CD. I sent off the liner notes text and a bunch of photos (instruments going through the x-ray machine at the prison) to the designers this week. I’m excited to see what they come back to me with. It is not a typical ‘orchestra’ project, so needs to have its own look. Use words like ‘edgy’, Dave advised me.

I have been to see some concerts – the Whitlams with the MSO, which I surprised myself by enjoying quite a lot. The MSO’s Handel concert on the weekend. Then for a post-concert drink where I bumped into a team of show-playing clarinetists. That was fun.

I have been doing a lot of playing this week. I think it is ever since I went over to my parents’ place and pulled all the storage boxes out of the roof. (They have sold their house, so we need to start figuring out what we all have stored there over the years). I found boxes of music, which brought back memories of myself as more of a player… and files of old emails from the War Child days, when they were offering me work in Georgia and I was freshly back in Australia, trying to figure out if I was staying or going away again. It’s interesting to read through it all again, imagine the other decisions I might have made and the life that have grown from those.

I’ve been to see some films – Waltz with Bashir I really enjoyed, although it is an unflinching film, not for the faint-hearted. It’s one of the most interesting documentaries I’ve ever seen, I think. I really liked the soundtrack, and the animation is wonderful. I also saw Persepolis recently – another animated film. Totally different look, but equally awe-inspiring. I should seek out more animations.

I made fresh pesto the other day, so have been eating pretty much only that ever since. These are the pitfalls of living on your own. My sister sent me some new recipes to try out though, so I should get organised.

The rest of the time… yeah, I guess it is work-related. I always feel behind. Right now, I need to finish my marking (marking bores me to tears), and start analysing my interview transcriptions. I feel pretty excited about the next phase of my research – but then, I haven’t actually started yet! The excitement might fade once I get going.

I’m going away this weekend, to a friend’s house in Jeparit, which is up in the north-west of the state, in the Wimmera, I think. That will be fun. Good to get away. Four hour drive there on Saturday morning, five hour bus trip back on Sunday. I think I will have, oh, about 24 hours there! But they will be a great 24 hours, I’m sure.

I think overall, I need to get better at leisure. Oh, the dreams I shall realise when I have finished my studies!

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