Eat, sleep, do yoga…

I spent the last week in Byron Bay, on a yoga retreat at the Byron Yoga Centre.

It’s a great way to recharge… everything in the environment supports us to just focus on why we are there, feeding us nurturing, nourishing food, giving us lots of space to take part in as little or as much as we want…The teachers were inspiring, and after quite a number of years’ dedication to a particular style of yoga and teaching, I loved broadening my horizons to take in some new ideas. I stretched my comfort zones too, and wonder if I am a little stale in my practice at home.

Byron Bay is famous for its beautiful beaches, surfing, hippy culture, and backpacker mecca-dom. But the Yoga Centre is a little away from the town centre, just over the road from Belongil Beach. If the weather had held out it would have been a week of swimming and sun, as well as eat/sleep/yoga, however, northern New South Wales was hit by big storms last week, and Byron saw plenty of rain. It was a bit cold, a bit damp at times, but still wonderful. A few more sunny days would have just been a bonus.

Here are a couple of fellow retreaters, retreating here from the sea (water wasn’t as cold as the weather):


At the end of the retreat I felt energised, recharged, refreshed…. I then went up to Brisbane to stay a few days with my sister and her family. I continued my yoga practise on their balcony in the early morning, breathing in the frangipani scent and feeling peaceful to all the world.

Then yesterday I came back to Melbourne and went back to work, developed a crashing headache within a few hours, and am now wondering how I will hold onto all the wonderful effects of the retreat, back here in the madness of my working life?


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