Writing progress

Today I have been preparing a paper for the ASME conference (Australian Society of Music Educators), which has to be submitted on Monday at 5pm. With my working title of How do newly arrived and refugee children perceive music learning? A summary of three children’s descriptions I have written around 6000 words. That might sound like an achievement but…. the maximum is 4000 words. And I haven’t even written my conclusion yet.

Still, it is a useful exercise. I was particularly happy with the way I shaped my introduction, or background comments. That felt like it had quite a nice flow. Anyway… a-chopping I shall go!

It is a little strange to be writing a paper when I haven’t even finished the darn thesis! But I do know where I am going with it all. It is now (hopefully) just a matter of working through it all systematically. Working on papers might even help me do that. Help me clarify my thoughts on the essential messages and narrative.

I am sheltering from Melbourne’s heat-wave (multiple days over 40 degrees… we are beside ourselves in shock, our water stores are emptying and the electricity grid keeps conking out) in my parents’ home in Brighton. It’s nice to spend a bit of extra time with them. And their home is air-conditioned. And the beach is a short drive away. So that’s been nice. This morning I swam around 9am before it got too hot (although it was pretty hot already, by that time). The water was still and clear and I did a ‘hand meditation’, focusing on my hands as they breaststroked their way through the water. Very relaxing focused way to start the day, hippy that I am. Tomorrow I am back in the city, leading workshops at ArtPlay.

Here is a photo of me meditating:


That’s all for now. Time to take a break and eat some dinner.

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