Melbourne weather

Oh, the weather, the weather… yesterday morning as I cycled to the pool it was dark and grey and even though it was already about 7.30am I wished I had brought my lights and reflective jacket with me.

Not only that, it was raining! Then later, when I left the pool to go for coffee, it was drizzling! Imagine drizzle in this hard-baked city. Then later again, when I left my home at lunchtime to go buy bread I had to put on a cardigan. I bumped into my neighbour in the street and she had dressed her 2-year-old daughter in a BEANIE!

It was as if Melbourne had forgotten that it is Melbourne in the middle of a drought, and a record-breaking heatwave… for just a few hours there it felt like we were in another country. Ireland in the midsummer, perhaps.


(view from my balcony on a rainy day – but many months ago…)

Then today things are back to ‘normal’ in that it is pushing thirty degrees and very sunny. Tomorrow is another day with scarily perfect fire conditions, so everyone is on high alert. The fires are still burning, in different places.


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