Brainstorm for new song

Last week I started a songwriting project with Middle Primary at the Language School. We have been working all term on some instrumental music, but have recently been invited to perform in Refugee Week celebrations at the end of term, so I decided to add a song to our composition.

We brainstormed together, and I wrote their words on the whiteboard. Orienting questions included:

  • Is it easy or difficult when you come to a new country. [Everyone said ‘difficult’]. What sorts of things are difficult?
  • How do you feel? How did you feel when you first arrived?
  • What do you miss from your old country?

Below are some of the results of this brainstorm. Some of their words are very poignant, such as the reference to ‘suffering’, and the sadness of saying goodbye to friends and a country you would like to be able to stay in. In the end, we only used a few key phrases in our song – we’ve written a song that will be ideal for audience participation, as it has a ‘response’ that repeats constantly throughout the song.

Music lesson 0006

Music lesson 0004

Music lesson 0005

2 comments so far

  1. Jaz on


    I volunteer for Refugee Week, and just thought I’d see how the song went, in the run up to Refugee Week 2010 on 14th-20th June.

    We’d love to hear your story on



    • musicwork on

      Hi Jaz,

      I’m in the midst of another Refugee Week project, but your comment has prompted me to write a post on these experiences. I’ll visit your site as well. Thanks for your comment!

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