Progress at Pelican PS

It is already week 8 of the term, which means things are starting crank up, in order to round up by week 10. I’ve been enjoying my new teaching at Pelican Primary School, and little by little and working out some effective tactics with these kids.

  • Starting the music lesson the same way each week (a Name Game – very simple) really does seem to ground everyone and pull the focus in. Often it is all the warm-up we need.
  • Things can still be chaotic when I bring the instruments out…. but I want them to have these experiences. One thing that is working with all the year levels is to take just ONE instrument (a drum, a xylophone… it works with all of them), and pass it around the circle one by one. Despite their time being spent mostly just waiting (and hopefully listening to each other), they focus incredibly well when we do this. Who’d have thought?
  • We need to move through tasks lightning-fast with the younger children, particularly the preps that I teach last lesson on a Wednesday. It’s like aiming for constant distraction, but with a little bit of music work disguised in every task.

I’m also developing my rapport with the different teachers, as we get to know each other. A couple of weeks ago, I posted my realisations about the importance of a Strong Beginning in each of my music lessons. Since that week, that class has always been ready to start on time, and I’ve had some great support and participation from the teacher. Now I can also see what the class is like despite a strong, clear start to the lesson. That’s been important to know as well – it means that little by little, I can get a sense of what will work with this class, in the last lesson on a Wednesday afternoon.


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