Composing with the musical alphabet (again)

For the first four weeks of term I took on some extra classes at MELS (the Language School), teaching three of the secondary classes. With one, I decided to revisit a project I have done before, where the students and I brainstorm all the words we can spell with the letters A to G (the white notes of the musical alphabet – see here for a comprehensive list of possible words). I then asked them to string two or three of the words together to make a melodic phrase. This is an interesting task for English Language Learners, as they get to transfer their emerging written-language knowledge into the music classroom.

I then helped them arrange these different melodic phrases into a structure, worked out some suitable accompanying chords on the guitar, their class teacher wrote some (nonsensical, but fun) lyrics, and we had a song!

Here is some of our brainstorming:



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  1. Music Teacher on

    Wow, looks interesting. Thanks for sharing this brainstorming activity that you and your students enjoyed and had fun. Both music and the English language are dynamic processes and are essential in human lives. Coming up with creative and fun activities like this can really make the learners more interested and motivated to learn, adopt, understand, love and enjoy music as a whole. I appreciate your efforts in sharing some of the most innovative and creative music teaching resources that most music teachers can use today. Keep up the good work and see you around. Til your next posts!

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