Chocolate hunger

On reflection (and upon pondering the additional ‘winter coat’ I seem to have gained around my middle over the last few months) I realise that I have been craving a lot more sweet things this year – in particular chocolate.

Why could this be? I’m no longer dealing with the humungus amounts of stress that I used to have to cope with (related to the orchestra, where I no longer work). I do lots of exercise – swimming or running most days, travelling everywhere by bike – so I should be chocablock full of endorphin-things. I eat healthy food for all my meals. I used to crave apples when I wanted a sugar hit, for goodness sake!

Can I blame the supermarkets, who have developed an annoying tendency to offer significant discounts for multiple purchases of Lindt chocolate (my favourite)? It means I end up with chocolate in the fridge which I’d never normally have.

I commented on this phenomenon to another teacher at Pelican PS, as we unlocked our bikes at the end of another fairly highly-strung day and she laughed, and told me that for her, the entire ride home is consumed with thoughts of the bottle of Coke in the fridge.

So maybe that is the new factor – Pelican Primary School. Perhaps the highly-charged, slightly volatile (while at the same time filled with creative energy and humour) atmosphere of the school is depleting me of some essential nutrient that chocolate seems to fill, and so I hunger for it when I get home from school.

Well – no more! It has to stop! I shall go back to being the person who doesn’t have a chocolate hunger.

I’ll just finish those last few pieces of the last block in my fridge.


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