Sax and the City

One hundred and forty saxophonists.

Lining the rooftops and balconies of central Sydney.

Playing toe-tappin’, finger-clickin’ tunes.

Pretty damn good fun.

I took part in the Sax and The City event as part of Sydney Festival’s First Night event, last Saturday night. I’m really a clarinet player, but played sax when I was at school… and anyway, it is not that hard to play the sax (as I like to tell Tony).

The event was directed/composed by Sydney saxophonist Sandy Evans – legend. Tony was invited to be one of the group leaders. I was in his group, and held my own most adequately :-). Look carefully in the group performance shot, taken when we were on the balcony of the Mint Building. You’ll see me there playing the alto sax, looking like a pro.

Last one here shows Tony in walking action, heading up Martin Place.


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  1. Piano Teacher on

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this post and the photos. I always feel glad whenever I see an event attended and participated by musicians, music lovers and music enthusiasts. I am so sure that all of them had a great time and so much fun. Meeting other people with the same interest and passion as yours is a great feeling. As all of you can relate to one another and share the wonders, the joys and the fun of music. By the way, thank you for your positive reply on my previous comment in one of your good posts on some innovative and creative music teaching resources that we can enjoy and use today. Thanks again and more power.

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