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I was away (and therefore not connected to the world via my usual media outlets) when the earthquake in Haiti happened. Little by little I am filling in the gaps about the catastrophe that took place there. (It’s interesting to realise, if you miss a ‘big event’ when it happens, how difficult it can be to get a clear, informative summary of what has happened from a single source).

I stumbled upon the blog Dispatches from a Fragile Island, written by a guy who is currently working in Haiti as part of the emergency relief efforts, although that wasn’t what brought him there in the first place.  He and his family were just getting settled in a new life there when the quake happened – he is a journalist who was intending to be a house-husband/UN Spouse. He is posting photos, videos and descriptions and it is well worth a read.



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  1. Angelo Jules on

    Help haiti
    God Bless Them

  2. Piano Teacher on

    Thanks for sharing the link. It has somehow served as an eye-opener, helping us come up with good realizations. We shall extend a helping in many different ways that we know. After all, as the cliche goes, it is the thought that counts. Anyway, please keep on posting innovative music teaching resources and those links to some websites and pages. Thanks again and more power!

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