Last day in Baucau

Wednesday, day 24

I met Marqy early this morning and we visited each of the three schools we want to work with for The Right To Play music project. We didn’t make appointments – we just arrived at each school and made our way to the office where we were warmly greeted by the principal and any teachers who happened to be around. Each principal agreed to nominate ten children to take part in the project, and will have the list of names ready for Marqy by the middle of next week.  One school asked if we could arrange for the children to have certificates for their participation, and of course we agreed to do this. I’d forgotten about certificates and how important they are to child participants!

We felt pleased with ourselves as we headed back to the Arte Moris Afalyca building. In the last couple of days we have planned a project and developed a strategy for making it happen. Next week Marqy goes to China until the end of November and I will of course be in Lospalos from tomorrow, so these were the only days we had available to set the project up.

Sadly, I don’t think we are going to be able to track down any of Jon Madin’s marimbas. Everyone we spoke to said with great confidence that they were at School No. 1. However, the teachers at School No. 1 said they no longer had them. I think the story was that they had got damaged, and when the school changed location temporarily, the marimbas were not brought. This may or may not be true or accurate. I’m not even 100% I understood the answer. I have one more person I can follow up with, so I am stil holding out hope.

A photo I like – a puppet project was taking place at Arte Moris Afalyca while I was there. Here is a photo of one of the participants and her puppet:

Making puppets, Arte Moris Afalyca


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