Music idea – olohoto

This is a post I wrote a few weeks ago, and I have only just realised it never got posted. It’s just a little story, but describes one of my first ideas for the Lospalos music performance. Now, at time of writing (23 November) there are many more ideas. But this one was one of the first.

Thursday, day 32 (4 November 2010)

There is a bird that I keep hearing here in Lospalos. Its song is beguiling – it sings a row of eight (sometimes seven) descending tones – sme quarter-tones, some semi-tones. I’ve asked a few people about the bird and have learned it is called an olohoto in the local language (Fataluku). It doesn’t have a name in Tetun, apart from manu fuik, which according to my little dictionary just means ‘wild bird’, as opposed to manu, which means chicken.

Mana Er told me this morning that there is also a song about this bird. I’m going to get her to teach it to me later this afternoon.

In my daily playing I’ve started to play around with quarter-tones, imitating this little olohoto. I am still hoping to create a site-specific performance piece with the local children and musicians at the end of January, in the old Evergreen Gymnasium, and I have a feeling the olohoto birdsong will feature. Maybe we can surround the audience with whistling musicians and children, overlapping multiple versions of this quarter-tone scale. I might experiment with this idea in GarageBand this afternoon.

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