Jam on the verandah

This afternoon we gathered a group of local youngsters n the verandah of the Lospalos house for a jam. We were lucky to have the help of Kamil (a recent visitor and commenter on this blog – in fact, that is how he tracked me down) who speaks Indonesian and was able to leave the verandah to go and invite those young people whose attention we had caught to come and join us. Having a common language is a wonderful gift in recruiting new participants!

We jammed on three different musical ideas (Yill lull by Joe Geia, a melody made up by one of the participants, and the Fataluku song that I learned from the women’s choir in Baucau), using the Optimum Percussion chime bars, the upturned buckets as drums, and some shakers made from plastic bottles and empty Pringles containers, with rice in them).


1 comment so far

  1. victoria Ryle on

    Wow! Looks fantastic!
    Tony looks in his element!

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