Walking on chicken bones

Day 77, Atauro Island

Tony and I have come to Atauro Island, just off the coast from Dili, to see in the New Year. This trip has coincided with what seems like a gradual return of some of my Chikungunyah symptoms. No fever as yet, but lots of stiffness and discomfort in my joints.

Grrrrh! It is no fun. My left hip flexor is more painful each day. I have to lift my left leg with my hands in order to move it. I kind of fall into chairs when I want to sit down. To get up I have to put my right leg at an odd angle, and put all my body weight into the foot and knee in order to raise myself up. To go down stairs I have to lead with the bad leg, so that it never need bend. To go up stairs, I lead with the good leg.

And my feet! The bones seem to be so brittle and crackly it is like walking on feet made of chicken bones. With each step, I wonder if something is about to snap and it will be my last step for a while.

So, back on the anti-inflammatories I go. People who know of others who have had this disease have warned me that it can linger – for months, or even years. In this regard only, I am looking forward to getting back to Melbourne so that I can have a few more treatment options available to me, see if I can’t kick it out of my system.

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