All the fish are swimming in the sea

Lospalos, Sunday, day 87

Another little project I’ve been rolling out this week is an art project. One of the first songs I learned here was a children’s song, taught to me at great volume by 4-year old Donna, who lives in the house behind me. There are three verses:

All the fish are swimming in the sea…

The goats are running in the countryside…

Birds are flying up high…

The book-making project we did back in December got me thinking about other ways of bringing children’s artwork into their spaces in a more ongoing way, and as a way to encourage them to read and connect with words and images. One idea was through posters of their artwork.

So, using the roll of paper that Simon and Victoria brought over for me, Tony’s daughters and I have prepared three backdrops – one of the sea, one of the countryside and mountains, and one of the sky, treetops, etc. When kids come over for the jams, or just to hang out, I’ve invited them to draw fish for me, or goats, or birds. Of course I am getting quite a large number of dolls, houses and monkeys on leashes (these are popular things for children to draw here) but no matter.

The children are also invited to add more colour and ideas to the backdrops. Once a backdrop is ready, we stick the relevant drawn animals on it. Once the collages are complete, I’ll type out the words to the song and stick them on the pages. Then we’ll try and get each one laminated and offer them as a gift to the kindergarten where Donna learned her song.


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  1. victoria Ryle on

    Photograph everything – try and get good images of the individual drawings and children. We can make a simple song book (to pair with a Colours book) when you get back. Have you seen Di’ak ka lae? and Hira yet? Let me know when Kim gets to you and tell me what you think! happy new year – Autoro sounded a success! Love V x

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