Excursion to Lore

Lospalos, day 93

We did another excursion on Thursday, this time to the coastal town of Lore. We’d been told it would take 3 hours to get there, but it turned out to be a journey of about 1 hour and a quarter only. The dirt road was slow-going but there were no big pot-holes or drops away at the edges, so I would call it a pretty reasonable road for Timor!

We stopped in one of the towns we passed through. All the local school children were on their morning break and as we got out of the car they crowded round us, staring, not talking, but sticking close to us just the same. We wandered around for a while with this entourage, then I asked them if they’d like to sing a song with us. “We’d like to”, they answered, so we taught a short song with nonsense syllables, and then got some rhythm games started. Then the bell rang for them to go back to class so they went to line up and we got back in the car.

The beach at Lore was rocky, and had some of the biggest waves I’ve seen on this island so far. It’s a wide, long spread of beach, with horses grazing down on the rocks at the water’s edge, and palm trees lining the edge of the furthest-back sand dunes. The children from the nearby village followed our car as we drove up and sat on a log in a row, watching us intently. If any of us got too close, however, they shuffled along, or jumped and ran to the other end of the log. We made this into a game after awhile.

No fish for sale because of the rough seas, so we ate the food we’d brought with us – freshly made rice packages wrapped in banana leaves, bread rolls with vegemite, packets of tuna, bananas and biscuits, and cups of apple tea. We tried swimming but got dashed against the rocks pretty quickly so we settled for beach cricket (with a piece of bamboo as a bat, and a tennis ball) and soccer, and shell hunting instead. The local children never joined in, they just stayed sitting on or near that log.


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