Lospalos, Tuesday, day 96

Today we finalised plans for the end-of-residency event – a Big Play, for anyone who wants to come. The venue is the Lospalos Old Market, which is in the centre of town. It’s no longer used as a market; it is a building that has a roof and floor, but is open at the sides. People will be able to hear us, and join in that way. But we are also planning to do a live performance on community radio tomorrow night as a way of promoting the event, spreading the word, and raising interest. I’m hoping we might be able to perform our verson of Forever Young – it has been coming together over the last few days with a small band of singers and instrumentalists playing guitars, chime bars and kakalos. It’s a shame the radio gig wasn’t confirmed at the time we did the songwriting workshop at the English class – we could have arranged for them to come to the radio studio too, to perform their new song.


Saturday 22 January

3pm Instrument-making

4pm Play

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  1. Ros on

    Great writing, Gillian! Another wonderful set of posts – seven in all! This is such a good way for us readers to experience what you are all experiencing as each post is about a follow-up situation or another day. I guess you really want to leave behind a host of ideas that the kids, teachers, parents, helpful neighbours etc. can continue when you’ve left. It sounds as though so many people have been empowered by your work and Tony’s that hopefully much music-making will keep going into the future.

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