Songwriting in Timor

My current evening task is to edit footage from my Timor residency, in order to present some of the ‘themes’ and projects that emerged while I was there. It’s wonderful to watch all this footage with the bit of distance I have now – I’ve been back 2 months this week. I feel like I am only just starting to digest my experiences, and to put them into succinct story form so that when people ask me, “So, how was Timor?” I have coherent things to say!

This video is from Baucau, and shows the initial songwriting workshop I did with the women’s centre there.


And this video from Lospalos shows some of our instrument-making activities. I love the energy and activity that this footage shows.


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  1. Esther Anderson on

    Loved the Bacau music workshop – such beautiful singing. Also I thought you might be interested in a songwriter from Manufahi, Joaquim da Costa Tavares. Blind musicians from Fuan Nabilan education centre in Same have recorded 2 CDs of his songs (available from also sold by Friends of Same in Australia see and at the Xanana Gusmao Reading Room shop in Dili. The lyrics of the songs on the first CD (in Tetum) are on the National languages website at

  2. Nicole Alexander on

    I love the one of everyone making instruments – am going to show it to my soundgarden team for inspiration!

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