Music and Health

A couple of years ago I presented to a group of teaching artists from the Festival for Healthy Living program, discussing the inherent ‘healthy’ qualities of music-making, with particular regard for mental health. It was an interesting idea to work on, and a lovely group of very committed, engaged artists to present to and spend the day with. That presentation has now been turned into an article for the Creating for Wellbeing website, and I stumbled upon it recently. You can read the article here.

While visiting the site, you might also be interested to read some of the other artists’ reflections on art-making and wellbeing.There is a wealth of information and ideas within the site. Browse through the ‘Themes’ tab to get an idea of the range of topics.

I’m very focused on writing at the moment – articles and more articles about my East Timor residency, including descriptive writing for newsletters and magazines and more serious, scholarly papers for journals and conferences. On some days the words flow, and on others, they really struggle to get out!

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  1. Dr. Tom Bibey on

    I am the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer, and very much believe in the healing power of music.

    Dr. B, author, “The Mandolin Case”

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