Jam on Prokofiev

The Jam I am leading for the MSO next week is now a Jam on Prokofiev – specifically, the Romance from Lieutenant Kije by Prokofiev. If you are thinking of coming along (or don’t know this theme – made famous by Sting in his song Russians) you can see the notation and listen to a playthrough  by going here. Note though, this is not the original key.

Details of the Jam on Prokofiev are:

Tuesday 19 April

11.30am and 1.30pm (60 minute duration)

BMW Edge at Federation Square, Melbourne


2 comments so far

  1. Timothy Jones on

    You asked for suggestions for concert pieces as a basis for creative work. A few years ago Mark Withers led some projects here in Spain with the Orquesta Nacional de España using Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and de Falla’s Amor Brujo. My school took part with others and it worked out really well. Of course these melodies have clear harmonic structure and are very well known. Good luck with Prokofiev.

    • musicwork on

      Thanks for these Timothy! I’ll check them out for the next one I do. Always good to have strong melodic material to act as a hook. The Prokofiev is going to be good fun next week, i think.

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