I’m really, really sorry…

The other day at Pelican PS there was a fight between two of the boys. They ended up being taken out of the class by their teacher, and to be honest, in the midst of lots of small-group instrumental playing, all I really registered was that there was some kind of problem going on that then seemed to stop.

Later in the day, one of the two boys came back to the music room with another class. “Ali has something for you,” the teacher told me dryly. And young Ali, looking slightly self-conscious, handed me a folded-up note.

I love the bouncing train of thought in this letter! So many things bursting out of him that he wants to ask me and say to me! This is a student I’ve known for many years, actually – I taught him when he first arrived in Australia and was enrolled at the Language School. He’s quite naughty – but perhaps because he is spoiled and a bit immature for his age, rather than because he is disengaged or angry.

What do you say in response to such a rambling stream of consciousness? I folded the note, and smiled at Ali. “That’s a lot of questions!” I said. “I’ll have to answer these later on. Thank you for your note,” I added, and put it in my pocket.


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  1. communitymusicireland on

    What a beautiful thing to have folded in your pocket. Ruairi and I are smiling widely, I bet he was delighted he had to write to you!

  2. musicwork on

    I don’t know if he was delighted… but I was! I struggled to keep a straight face and take his apology seriously, the way a teacher is supposed to. I really wanted to start chuckling as I read the note.

    I love the random tangents he takes, but I also love the way his choice of font size reflects these. It’s really a piece of poetry, I think.

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