Coming up for air

I’m still in “that busy time of year”, despite thinking things were going to slow down once the rush of weekend projects that I had on throughout July and August were over. I was wrong! Here’s a bit of a summary of what I’ve been busy with since the detention centre workshops finished:

  • Two workshops for early years (babies to 5-year-olds – what a broad age range!) – experiential ‘jams’ focused on Beethoven’s 6th symphony
  • A big jam for over 100 participants of all ages, exploring the great ‘Ode to Joy’ from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (these projects were part of MSO’s Beethoven Festival)
  • A 4-day composition project with Albert Park College and students from the Australian National Academy of Music
  • A 90’ presentation (talk and video) on my experiences in East Timor for the University of Melbourne’s Arts Education Colloquium series
  • Two early-years workshops focused on ‘Pirates’, developed and led in collaboration with ANAM students as part of ANAM’s Community Open Day
  • Started teaching ‘Community Music’ to 3rd year B.Mus students at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, pulling together the course from various resources as I go
  • Started Facilitator Training (as in, I am undertaking training) with Boston University, for the work I’m doing with them for the next couple of months
  • Performed with and facilitated a composition project with UK composer Fraser Trainer (which we started in July and completed in August)
  • Started teaching M.Teach pre-service teachers at University of Melbourne
  • Started pulling together plans for this year’s creative projects with the Australian Art Orchestra and Signal. This year, the program is badged as the KEY workshop program. I’m leading two creative projects and two skills-based workshops, alongside AAO musicians.
  • Began collaborative planning for Armidale NSW’s ‘AccessFest’ music projects for people with disabilities, which I’m directing in December this year.
  • Assessed proposals for Arts Victoria’s Arts Partnerships program
  • Got a new set of songwriting projects off the ground at the Language School
  • Established a seriously positive, motivated attitude with the choir at Pelican PS.

Lots to keep me busy! Funny to think that when I came back from Timor in February I had almost no work at all. I’m glad that didn’t continue. For now, the plan is to just keep the head down, keep workin’, one project at a time. It’s a full load, for sure, and doesn’t allow for much of a work-life balance, but it is all so very interesting! What would I turn down?


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