Overnight in Shanghai, 2 nights in Rome

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front of late as I’ve been away from home, attending the ISME [International Society for Music Education] conference in Greece.

I flew via Shanghai and spent a night in transit there, in the space age looking Airport Hotel, with its sky-bar reached by a sky corridor.

As I made my way to the airport, I came across this sign:

Yes, I thought to myself. I am here. And this is now. And I am about to start on the Central Path, which sounds very safe and contained, doesn’t it?

I only stayed one night in China, and then it was on to Rome, where I stayed 2 nights and spent my days waking up very early, and wandering the streets in all directions, reacquainting myself with the Eternal City. A favourite place is the Pantheon – isn’t it everybody’s? Architectural symmetry from centuries past. The dome’s oculus was positioned with the summer solstice in mind – on that day, the sun shoots through the hole and illuminates the entrance. I was there just 2 weeks after the solstice, and the sun’s beam was still very close to the entrance.

Then it was back to Fiumicino airport, and on to the island of Corfu, site for the ISME Community Music Activity commission seminar.


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