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A sluggish day of low-achievement…

I feel tired and sluggish today, so don’t think I achieved a great deal. I did a couple of interesting things – went to a seminar at the University by an Italian academic named Roberto Fini. He spoke about the inequalities in the Italian education system. It was very thought-provoking. He spoke in Italian, and while there was another academic who translated for him, I enjoyed following what he was saying in Italian, and then seeing how accurate my understanding had been.

I need to replace my computer bag so I went into the Apple Shop in the Union building and looked at the range there. It is hard to find a good bag with backpack straps that looks stylish and isn’t covered in straps and clips and webbing and other ‘sporty’ looking things. I have a Crumpler laptop bag (it was very expensive) but the bag design doesn’t really suit me so I want to sell it and find something that works better for me. Today I was just looking, not buying or deciding.

Then onto to an Action Meeting for the Bologna conference. There are three of us working on a Seminar for the conference – preparing documents, invitations, lists, freight. I will also be presenting my research work-in-progress in a Student Research Dialogue. In fact it was a very productive evening – but that kind of productivity is normal for me now – admin tasks done at a speedy rate is how I have to approach every single day I am in the Orchestra office. No cruise time there (as I said a couple of days ago). So I just open up the laptop and power though the documents and cross things off the To Do list.

No, what was missing today was reading. I didn’t get to my reading list at all. At the moment I am working my way through a number of books on Interviewing Children. I still need to source books and articles that deal specifically with eliciting responses through visual and creative means, and ways of interpreting this kind of data. So far my database and catalogue searches have yielded nothing very specific. Suggestions, anyone?