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Exquisite sound poetry

A couple of weeks ago I was driving to Melbourne airport in the middle of the afternoon. I had Radio National on and found myself listening to a most intriguing, beguiling, beautiful sound poem on the Poetica program. I’m posting the link to the audio here. The poet’s name is Jayne Fenton Keane. Her creation uses sounds from the US Navy’s marine audio archive and includes all sorts of magical underwater sounds that she describes at the start of the program.

So many compelling, descriptive textures and sounds. However, I particularly loved the voice of the mermaid. In the interview she describes who this actor is and how she came to take on the role. It’s quite perfect. Anyway. Enough raving. It’s stunning work. I’d love to set her (Fenton Keane) and all her equipment, up in a room with children. The results would be gorgeous, I’m sure.