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Grumpy thinking face

In a lot of my workshops there is a point where the workshop participants share the music they have been creating in their break-out groups.We all sit and listen, and while I listen I take notes on what they’ve composed, and think intently about how I am going to draw all of these individual pieces together into the workshop ‘finale’.

Once, after one of these workshops, one of the other adult musicians approached me. “The kids were worried,” he said. “They think you looked really grumpy while you listened to our piece, and that you didn’t like it.”

Grumpy THinking Face (Gillian Howell)This was when I learned that I suffer from Grumpy Thinking Face. Ever since then, when the time comes for me to do some focused listening in workshops, I warn the children to ignore any facial expressions I may display. “I have a Grumpy Thinking Face,” I explain, and they look a bit taken aback, but then smile and nod, and accept the situation without further question. My Grumpy Thinking Face does turn up in project photographs every now and then. Often, the photographers will delete the photos, but the image here is one I’ve been able to save. (This is only a very mild version of my Grumpy Thinking Face. I look more Alarmed than Grumpy here).

The good news is that the affliction of unfortunate facial expressions is now more widely understood. Follow the link below to find out all about Bitchy Resting Face. Bitchy Resting Face sounds very similar to my Grumpy Thinking Face, and it is good to know that those of us thus afflicted are not alone.