Karadzic goes down…

… and Serbia gets a good boost to its bid for EU membership, and a shift in political momentum, I suspect. About time, we all chorus! Now hand over Mladic.

And let’s not pretend this capture couldn’t have been made years ago. The political will to make it happen has been a long time coming.

Karadzic perpetrated and incited great evil. Srebrenica. Sarajevo. Gorazde (and other ‘safe havens’). I can’t even list them all. I am only just hearing this news today, not having seen a newspaper (in Italian or in English) for the last couple of days. Sorry to interrupt my commentary on the ISME conference – but this is too significant an event to let pass without comment.

Here is an image of the cemetery at Alifakovac in Sarajevo, that I took in December last year. Of course, this cemetery filled up within weeks during the siege of Sarajevo – the sight of football field turned into a graveyard is one of the more stark images that we in Australia saw.


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